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Why dot CO - Most of the registry companies such as GoDaddy give huge credit to .co extension by listing .co shoulder to shoulder next to .com and .net on their services.

The biggest brands does use dot co
-  If you analyse the biggest brands such as Amazon, eBay, Google, Apple, Instagram, Facebook and hundreds of others, you will realise that each and every one of those registers a few .co domains to secure their brands.

For example, Google owns Google.co and G.co, and Amazon owns a.co and amazon.co. The truth is hundreds of other companies also use .co to secure their business. But this is just a piece of the puzzle.

There are plenty of instances where a .com domain is already being used by another company; therefore, you will no longer get a chance to own your desired domain ever. For this reason, hundreds of new startups are moving on to the .co extension.

Established business -  This has been happening for almost a decade now. Thousands of established businesses are making millions from the first day at .co, and a classic example is Clutch.co but there are literally thousands of them online.

Domainers -  The top domain leaders are starting to invest in .co heavily, and their portfolios contain more and more .cos. Do you need more facts? Perhaps, yes. Well, .co is definitely shorter.

I’ve always been absolutely transparent and I all I can tell you is that .com is still the leader in this industry if you can get it all good. If not think about this: your business already owns .com. Hence, it’s time you secure .co!

Thank you for your time.